The Dance of All Beings Cycle: Bully the Bear Part One

This is my new book - out soon. It is Part One of the Dance of All Beings Cycle. This book and the next book, Bully the Bear Part Two, is about a young man, William 'Bully' Exeter who inherits the abilities of the Holy White Fire. At 11-years-old, however, he is still coming to grips with school, his friends, his sexuality and the fact that he is quickly pushing 6' tall, 300 pounds and he's still growing. He will fight with the Demons and dark-men of Nightmare who seek to keep the White Knight from becoming a hero. They will curse Bully, trapping him inside his overgrowing, failing body.

It also introduces the wider world of the Blasted Earth including the Green Realm, Shadow, Nightmare and the Runian realm which are explored over the course of the series. Bully The Bear Part One - out soon from Portal Publishing!