Radio Interview with Artist First Radio

Just did a great interview with Tony Kay at Artist First Radio - it was about an hour and will be up in a day or two as an mp3 to listen to. It was a really nice time and Tony was quite able at making a lot of out the little bit that I had on offer. So many thanks to him.

The book can be bought at Amazon!

I do want to let people know I'm on Facebook with an author's page Eddie W. Presley.

I'm on twitter as well: @eddie_presley.

I also have pages on Google+ and on Goodreads. Google is just a place for me and a few geeky friends that are still on Google+ to chat, and my Goodreads pages will ramp up once the second book comes out.

For those coming from the radio interview - Bully the Bear is a coming of age story of a young man, William 'Bully' Exeter Jr. who finds himself dealing with an abusive father, a religious fanatic of a mother and a sudden onset of extreme gigantism, as well as having to deal with the fantasy realm he has fallen into and the Holy White Fire, the judgement of God being bestowed upon him.

It has its high fantasy elements, it has its dark horror elements, but it's about the characters and how they deal with the situations they are forced into. If I have to compare it to something, I will compare it to Stephen King's 'IT.' It's high fantasy, it's dark horror, but it's about the characters and the kids first and foremost in its 1000+ pages. The same here. Fantasy, horror, and character-driven coming of age. As a teen, it wouldn't bother me, but some adults have been "triggered" by some of it as it is quite dark in some spots - so parental guidance is suggested. I appreciate any and all feedback!

The link to check out the interview when it gets posted will be HERE.