Post Irma Book Signing Update!

Well, things went afoul with Irma. I had to evacuate twice. Not complaining. No indeed. There are others far worse off than I wound up being. It was at first going to be a hurricane over my house as a Cat 4. Then it slowly eased itself all the way over to the west coast where it would hit where I evacuated to as Cat 3. So I bugged out of there so I would not be stranded 2+ hours from home, and I watched it was over us as a Cat 1. It quickly departed, but it did bring some scary wind. It did not, however, bring the rain as I expected. Once the main feeder band lifted over us, literally, it was done with just the howling wind left. The power went out that night, but it came back on in about 24 hours. So yea us. However, we did have to reschedule the book signing. It is now OCT 14. Behold the new poster!


Presley Author Poster Oct 14.jpg